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We often think of vision as just 20/20 eyesight, but it is so much more. Vision is the ability to process what we see, in order to understand and act on the information captured by our eyes. When we elevate our expectations of our vision from eyesight to visual processing, we unlock the ability to improve it!

4D Built to Read

Is your child struggling to learn in school? Are they lacking focus, attention, or just falling behind?

4D Built to Read is a 12-week digital program that teaches you to become a "Junior Vision Therapist" and help your child right from your home with just 15 minutesĀ a day.

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4D ReBuiltĀ 

Have days passed since your concussion and you're still experiencing symptoms like double vision, blurry vision, fatigue, and overwhelm?

4D Rebuilt is a 6-week at-home digital training course to guide you on rebuilding your vision after a concussion.

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4D Built for LifeĀ 

HaveĀ weeks or even months passed since your concussion and you're stillĀ not back to yourĀ "old life"?

Have doctors told you it's just not going to get better?

4DĀ Built for Life is a 6-month at-home digital training courseĀ to rehabilitate your visual system after prolonged concussion symptoms.

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4D BuiltĀ to DriveĀ 

Are you looking to train your visual skills prior to getting your license? Or are you thinking about going for your license but want to improve your visual skills before taking the driving test?

4D Built to Drive is a digital program that will teach you the skills necessary for driving from the comfort of your home!

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